How to start a successful mobile ad campaign

Mobile Advertising Campaign Sample

Using mobile advertising is becoming popular as business owners realize the importance of being where people spend their time.  A current study by Borrell Associates shows that nearly 50% of small business owners are likely to purchase mobile advertising within the next year and that about 25% will increase what they are already spending.  What should you know about mobile advertising before beginning your campaign?  Here are four points that should help.

1. Know how to reach your potential customers 
  • Networks like Google AdWords, mMedia, and inMobi allow geo-targeting of mobile ads.  Google and mMedia have the best hyper local targeting options but the more restrictive you make your geographic selections, the harder it can be to get enough ad impressions.
  • Can your businesses serve customers in any country or worldwide?  If so, these types of companies are in the best position to leverage mobile advertising as larger campaigns cost a fraction of what they would on other platforms.  However, this may change in the future as mobile users continue to increase and location services become more precise on each phone.

2. Understand where you can be successful in driving a conversion. 
  • With mobile advertising, simply throwing customers to your mobile webpage or sending them to a buy now page is usually not the best route.  As people on mobile phones often behave completely different than those on a desktop in terms of engaging with a  page or what web design style they prefer, your mobile ad campaign needs to have clear conversion points that you can measure.
  • For example, a restaurant running a mobile phone ad would want to ensure they use a coupon code or other method of tracking people visiting in person to their place of business.   An ecommerce site can forward mobile advertisement traffic to their mobile app or to their mobile store where buying is simple and efficient compared to a desktop solution.  The main current conversion points for mobile advertisers are app downloads and signups.
  • If you have a different conversion metric such as Facebook likes or blog followers, try promoting one post and pause your current marketing efforts so you can separate the results of mobile advertising from any other efforts.

3. If you do not have an app or a mobile website already, you need one first. 
  • Most people running mobile ads already have a mobile app and/or a mobile landing page.  If you do not, you need to take care of this prior to starting a mobile campaign.  A mobile landing page is quick and easy compared to getting a desktop website designed.  You can make one quick for free with Google sites or get a company to make one for you for a reasonable price.  Click here if you need a mobile landing page.

4. Where to start?  Here are two options based on what you already do.

a) If you already have a Google AdWords account, explore mobile advertising options offered independently of current campaigns.
  • Google currently maintains the largest market share of mobile advertising impressions.  If you already have an AdWords account in good standing, create a campaign specifically for mobile advertisements.  You can change this in the campaign settings under “devices.” 
  • Google AdWords also offers mobile specific features such as click to call ads.  When you design your mobile ads, do everything with the image of a mobile phone user on the go in mind while maintaining the same fundamentals you already are comfortable with using AdWords such as keyword placement and display targeting options.
  • Once your AdWords mobile campaign is setup, you should disable mobile devices from your main campaigns to ensure all of your mobile traffic is now coming through your mobile ad campaigns rather than your other active campaigns
b) If you do not use Google AdWords, start with mMedia. 
  • For those that have used AdWords with negative results such as getting an account suspended or spent a fortune without getting any return, you can advertise on Android and apple devices without using AdWords!  
  • For those that have never used AdWords, learning mMedia’s interface is much easier and costs much less.  mMedia’s interface is less restrictive than AdWords and is more comfortable for anyone that has run print or display ads.  Sign up for an account, decide on a budget, create your ads, select a location, and run your campaign!  Here are a few pro tips:
  • Always use your own ads to show your audience you are professional and serious.  Ad images must be this size: 728x90, 480x60, 320x53, 300x50, 216x36, 168x28, and 300x250.
  • Never use the suggested bid.  Always start with the lowest bid and see if your campaign will deliver.
  • Select narrow and then expand if your ads do not run.

Finally, this information is intended for online marketing professionals.  If this is not your primary area of expertise, would you prefer spending time doing what you love over learning a new area fraught with challenges and obstacles?

The smart solution is to get a company to do it for you and see if it works.  This way, you have more time to do what you do best!  Click the advertising tab at the top of the page to get started!

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