Affiliate Program

How can I be an Affiliate?
  1. Request a custom affiliate landing page with discounted pricing.  See an example here.
  2. OR request custom PayPal purchase links you can use for people to place orders.
  3. Get started here.
4 Reasons Our Affiliate Program is Worth Your Time.
  1. Average of $50+ commission per order.
  2. The signup process is simple and free.  Get started here.
  3. Our Facebook advertising and YouTube promotion services are not offered anywhere else online which makes them incredibly easy to sell.  Use our proven sales system free to generate leads!
  4. Combine our Facebook ad services with your existing social media resources for maximum effect.
What kind of people make the best affiliates?
  • Social media experts with an established following of Facebook page owners.
  • Avid Facebook users willing to send a few messages each day.
  • Internet marketing experts creating new Facebook pages.
  • Marketing agencies responsible for building many Facebook pages.
  • Facebook page owners with friends that own Facebook pages.
  • Advertising agencies responsible for promoting websites.
  • Web development companies offering opportunities to get their clients traffic to their new website.
  • Distributors owning many Facebook pages with small followings.
  • Mid level multi level marketing executives employing Facebook pages for each of their followers.
  • Local chambers of commerce members.
  • National trade organizations participants.
  • University and college deans or department heads.
  • Business Networking International (BNI) members.
  • Owners of email databases with business owners active on social media.
  • LinkedIn social media group founders.
What am I selling for you?
  • Our company runs Facebook advertisements for clients in the ads and sponsored stories that appear around Facebook.  We have optimized campaign setups that offer to get a Facebook page owner's cost per click (CPC) down.  These are $399.99 each.  We also have guaranteed Facebook like one time orders and subscriptions that are generated with Facebook ads and verified with Facebook insights as originating from sponsored stories and ads.  These range from $179.99 per week subscriptions to $999.99 for 10,000 likes as a one time order and you get a percentage of every sale!

What are your terms and conditions ?
  • Your compensation ranges from 10% to 25% based on whether you use standard pricing our discounted pricing.  For example, offering people a 10% discount to use your affiliate links can ensure you get more orders but will reduce the percentage you get out of those orders.  25% is the maximum total combined between discount and affiliate commission percentage.
  • Orders must be placed through your affiliate links or requested for invoice directly to the customer.  You must purchase directly from us for any white labeled solution and we recommend checking with us prior to ordering any service you intend to white label.
  • Payments are generally made via PayPal but can be sent other ways as requested such as with Amazon payments or Google Wallet.
What is your privacy policy?
  • We will never share your email address or name with anyone else.  If you have a custom affiliate landing page or website, we can share this information with others.  We can include your affiliate earnings with our averages and earning data anonymously.
What happens after I apply?
  • We will be in touch with you shortly!  The best way to contact us is to email  Note that most applications may take up to 72 hours to process.  What can you do in the meantime to prepare?  Look over our FAQ and our case studies pages to learn more about what we do.