BanWork Facebook Advertising Case Studies

We appreciate the hundreds of clients we have in almost every US state and over 20 countries worldwide!  These are a few of their stories!

Australian Fitness Facebook Page Gets Over 50,000 Likes at $0.02 CPC

posted Jul 9, 2013, 10:49 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 10:51 AM ]

Liam came to us with aggressive goals at the beginning of 2013.  He told us he wanted to hit 100,000 likes by the end of the year and he needed a way to do that.  Our first order of business was to make a digital marketing plan showing how he could expand what he was already doing on the same daily budget into the beginnings of what would actually carry him to his desired outcome.  As we are halfway through the year at the time of publication, Liam is exactly at the point we recommended in his plan as he now just broke 50,000 fans on his Facebook page!  While he was only targeting people in the English countries to begin, we helped him split his campaigns into ones targeting his ideal audience and campaigns aimed at getting him the most likes for the least cost from engaged users.  As you can see, he has thousands of people engaging with his page each week!  We are proud of Liam for turning his vision into reality and reaching fitness lovers around the world with his message of taking action!  Take a look at the details of Liam's main campaign with us below.

Southern Fashion Facebook Page Drives Web Sales Boom

posted Jul 9, 2013, 10:35 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 10:37 AM ]

In March 2013 with just over 25,000 Facebook likes, this Southern fashion company was already popular on Facebook.  Nearly all of their audience was part of the most coveted US market and their page engagement rocked.  A member of their social media team found us and bought a guaranteed like campaign to help grow their page with more organic likes.  Prior to beginning their ads, we looked at their Facebook page insights.  Seeing that they had a huge foundation already of only US likes, we recommended instead of adding thousands of likes from a worldwide audience with a guaranteed like campaign, they stick to a US only audience and have us setup a campaign instead that would help them lower their CPC with Facebook.  They agreed and reaped the benefits.  The day after our ads went live, their CPC dropped by 75%.  They had an amazing day in sales and months later are still running our campaign successfully to build their page.  While they had expertly figured out their niche audience, our ads helped them expand into similar areas with an increased effectiveness which effectively multiplied their potential audience by 10 times.  This has allowed them to spend more on Facebook ads while maintaining a great return.  As you can see, they are close to hitting 100,000 fans which would cost pages nearly $100,000 to do and that they have done for a fraction of that.  Check out the highlights of their BanWork ad campaign below.

Doctor Grows His Email List with Facebook

posted Jul 9, 2013, 10:19 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 10:20 AM ]

Dr. Glassman has a mission to help you achieve total wellness.  He markets his books as the next step beyond The Secret.  With the intelligence and grit to make it as a doctor, Dr. Glassman already had figured out how to get good results and more email opt ins out of Facebook prior to finding us.  What he wanted was to great results instead of good without having to invest his limited time or energy into making that happen.  As a specialist himself, he understands that what might be easy for him could be nearly impossible for other people.  Applying that knowledge to his Facebook ads, he has used our optimized campaign setups to grow his Facebook page, his email list, and the readers for his books for significantly less than he was spending prior to finding us.  His page boasts awesome organic engagement and gives him the energy to continue giving his audience his time and energy each day.  We appreciate Dr. Glassman as a client and look forward to seeing his continued success!  Learn more about him by clicking on the link to his Facebook page above or checking out his book below.

Happiness Focused Christian Community Explodes on Facebook Overnight

posted Jul 9, 2013, 9:56 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 12:22 PM ]

With a few hundred likes at the end of June 2013, this Christian community was looking for serious growth.  Prior to this they had painfully earned every like using the default ad settings Facebook offered and were the opposite of happy with the results.  In just a few weeks, our campaigns turned an ordinary size page into one larger than most Facebook page owners will every have.  The engagement is off the charts as avid fans go through every post and like or comment on many of them.  The cost of all this?  The same as they had already spent getting the first few hundred likes on their page.  The possibilities are simply absurd when you work with Facebook instead of against it and find opportunities where other advisers see only waste.

Founder's Dating Videos Go Viral with YouTube Advertising Campaign

posted Jul 9, 2013, 9:35 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 9:37 AM ]

One of our founder's personal passions is online dating.  After making a bunch of videos himself, spending a lot to promote them, and failing to get one that really took off on its own, he realized that just maybe he was not the ideal choice for being on camera.  Maybe his audience wanted someone else.  When Fiverr was brand new, he ordered dating videos from almost every one of the people offering to make them.  The best ones were done by Taelor and he had her do videos for all of the dating questions people asked most frequently on Yahoo answers and other answer sites.  She did most of the videos herself with no script along with some scripts for questions she did not know how to answer.  This was step one.

For step two, we made advertising campaigns to promote all of the videos.  The ones that were most successful then we promoted further until they took on a life of their own!  Now, our founder's YouTube channel continues to grow each day from these dating videos with the largest having got over 150,000 views and many people commenting and messaging their thanks for posting the videos.

If you want to get your videos or those for your friends, family, son, daughter, mom, dad, or dog viral, we have YouTube advertising packages guaranteed to be delivered with Google AdWords which means you can have 100% confidence in the integrity of the methods used.  This means you can promote your videos and then make money using AdSense or any other partner network.  Once you get your video to thousands of views, it will have the chance to take on a life of its own the way these videos did!

Grief Counselor Gets Published, on TV, and back to California from Facebook Page Success

posted Jul 9, 2013, 9:26 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 9:27 AM ]

Christina has poured her heart and soul into building both this page and her non-profit's Facebook page.  In her words, it is the biggest personal and professional risk she has ever taken.  After working for years on growing her audience, connecting people with her Facebook page, and being a part of the rebuilding community online, she got some good fortune from a connection through her Facebook page to a Ted talk and got a chance to call San Francisco home once again!  Prior to finding us, she had been growing her Facebook page through hard work and aggressive advertising.  For a fraction of the cost she had invested to get the first 40,000 likes, we helped her ad 50% more likes to her page and get much wider distribution for her content.  We are proud of all she has accomplished including being featured on Oprah's network and we look forward to seeing her continued success both on Facebook and in life!

UK Sports Car Manufacturer Grows Local and Global Fans on Facebook

posted Jul 9, 2013, 9:15 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 9:18 AM ]

If you want to check out their cars, click the link above to visit their Facebook page!

What is amazing is that doing your own ads for something like this could be so difficult given that people love to look at cars on Facebook.  The problem is that getting the first few fans on your page is so difficult that no matter how amazing of a product you offer, you still will pay top dollar if you start out by going straight after your ideal audience.  On February 1, 2013, the Facebook page manager signed up for a 1,000 Facebook likes per week with us when his page had already paid top dollar to get the first 4,395 likes on their page.  As the likes continued to grow rapidly, he wanted to see if they could move even faster by having us make the ad campaigns directly in their own advertising account.  This is what we gave them.

Wife's DIY Recipe Page Makes It Big on Facebook

posted Jul 9, 2013, 8:56 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 9:04 AM ]

What if everyone had a community they could easily participate in that gave them enthusiasm back about what they like to do?  Facebook has made this possible for many people already but it is getting more difficult as there are becoming more communities than interested people to participate.  The husband of the owner of this Facebook page found us online and asked for help in growing his wife's Facebook page.  He wanted her to have the kind of engagement and interest in her page that she could use to make her dreams a reality.  With the understanding that most people in the US want to participate in established communities unless they know the page owner personally, he found our approach of building size first and then strength at home to hit a home run.  We first ran ads in emerging markets on Facebook to get her page from literally zero likes to well over ten thousands within a week.  Once this was done, we switched the targeting to run in the countries that he thought were ideal for getting the best participation.  As you can see, in less than a month, his wife now has a giant community on Facebook with thousands of people engaging with the page each week!  Take a look at the campaigns below to see for yourself!

One question you might ask is why the difference between the likes from this campaign and on the page?  The answer is exciting!  With a campaign like this, you get a lot of viral activity and indirect results.  Thus, nearly 33% additional traffic resulted in likes that were not directly tracked by Facebook through the advertising platform!  

Humor Facebook Page Lifts Off with Thousands of New Likes

posted Jul 9, 2013, 8:36 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 8:39 AM ]

With a smart plan in place for monetizing using Google AdSense, this humor page just needed a boost in traffic to take it to the next level.  As soon as they signed up for an optimized campaign setup from us, that is exactly what they got!  Take a look at one of their advertising campaigns and see exactly how the growth happened!  

Stock Photo Company Aims to Pass Largest Competitors on Facebook

posted Jul 9, 2013, 8:15 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 8:18 AM ]

In stock photography, you need lots of people submitting pictures and downloading them to make it.  Potential customers often will reference a company's Facebook page prior to making a buying decision and this stock photography company is planning to wow them.  Starting from a few thousand likes, they already have a quarter of the amount of likes the largest stock photography Facebook company page in the world has.  At the rate they are growing, they will pass them by the end of the year.  As each new like comes in, more potential photo submission and customers continue to find out about their brand.  We are 100% sure this growth on Facebook is good for their business because we liked their service so much that we now use their stock photos for all of our advertisements on Facebook!  Millions of people are already seeing their stock images as we run ads for pages of all kinds.  What could you do with this kind of opportunity?

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