Massive Boost in Facebook Likes Results in Continued Growth of Luxury Apartment and Home Rentals

posted Apr 29, 2013, 2:45 PM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Apr 29, 2013, 2:45 PM ]
luxury home rentals

With over 85,000 Facebook likes today, this Beverly Hills based Luxury real estate Facebook page is one of the largest real estate Facebook pages in the world.  When they got their first guaranteed Facebook like advertising campaign, their page had 7,000 likes and their CEO David was frustrated with the results he had been getting out of his own Facebook ads.  After breaking 40,000 likes through our advertising campaigns, here's what David had to say:

"I been watching with excitement the activity on our Facebook page! I am really pleased by the engagement as well. Several of our recent posts have been liked 100+ times with over a dozen comments.  We have seen in increase in rental demand, especially direct contacts wanting a recommendation of which property to select. Oddly, that's not our intent, but if we can direct them to one of our listed rentals and they rent, it's fantastic for our clients. Demonstrates our effectiveness and value. We are using the social media influence as a sales/marketing tool to generate more listings (properties pay to be listed)!

Thanks for the likes! We seem to have connected to engaged users and they are actively liking, commenting and sharing our posts. We'll be in touch next moth to discuss additional work.


As one of our earliest customers David, we appreciate your business and are excited about the success you have seen with your company!