Wife's DIY Recipe Page Makes It Big on Facebook

posted Jul 9, 2013, 8:56 AM by Jerry Banfield   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 9:04 AM ]

What if everyone had a community they could easily participate in that gave them enthusiasm back about what they like to do?  Facebook has made this possible for many people already but it is getting more difficult as there are becoming more communities than interested people to participate.  The husband of the owner of this Facebook page found us online and asked for help in growing his wife's Facebook page.  He wanted her to have the kind of engagement and interest in her page that she could use to make her dreams a reality.  With the understanding that most people in the US want to participate in established communities unless they know the page owner personally, he found our approach of building size first and then strength at home to hit a home run.  We first ran ads in emerging markets on Facebook to get her page from literally zero likes to well over ten thousands within a week.  Once this was done, we switched the targeting to run in the countries that he thought were ideal for getting the best participation.  As you can see, in less than a month, his wife now has a giant community on Facebook with thousands of people engaging with the page each week!  Take a look at the campaigns below to see for yourself!

One question you might ask is why the difference between the likes from this campaign and on the page?  The answer is exciting!  With a campaign like this, you get a lot of viral activity and indirect results.  Thus, nearly 33% additional traffic resulted in likes that were not directly tracked by Facebook through the advertising platform!