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Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing Coaching Solutions for You.
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What makes our services different from anything else on the web is simple system of you asking us questions and you getting answers.
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  • While there is a wealth of general information online for helping you start your business and be successful finding customized coaching and consulting in laser specific fields such as starting your own social media marketing business is difficult.  Most people and companies offering these services require you to jump through a lot of hoops and offer ridiculous pricing packages.  For example, learning Facebook ads from a coach will often set you back thousands of dollars with no guarantee as to your success.  At BanWork, we offer coaching based on our experience in the following areas in a pay as you go format on the following topics and more.  
  1. How to get social media marketing business growth.
  2. Advanced topics on Facebook advertising account management.
  3. Help with starting and growing an online advertising business.
  4. Creating and executing a step by step plan to having a world class Facebook page.
  5. Information enabling direct sales via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to business clients around the world.
  6. Case studies for obtaining clients simply for free in more than ten countries within a year.
  7. Using Google sites and Google apps to rank highly in search results and maintain a successful business built on Google services.
  8. Evaluation of existing websites and businesses for purchase or sale.
  9. Monetizing Facebook fans and pages.
  10. Finding a job on Facebook using graph search and messaging Facebook pages.
  11. Finding new business clients and generating leads on Facebook using graph search and messaging Facebook pages.
  12. Integrating payment solutions with Google sites.
  13. Growing a YouTube channel to over a million views by spending a few thousand dollars.
  14. Promoting a Tumblr account using advertising in mobile apps and websites.
  15. Setting up your Google AdWords account in a way that does not steal your organic search traffic.
  16. Getting a YouTube video views in Google AdWords for 1 cent each.
  17. How to get Facebook likes for $0.001 each.
  18. Methods of showing Facebook ads to get likes in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ for 1 cent each.
  19. Effective ways to test Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and mMedia mobile ads against each other for effectiveness in generating leads and sales.
  20. Creating a call to action on mobile advertisements that actually drives sales.
  21. Increasing +1s on a Google plus page using paid advertisements.
  22. Using available animated video creation software to make your business look professional and then promoting it on YouTube.
  23. Combining article writing services with your blog for maximum effect in search results.
  24. Making a successful Facebook squeeze page versus using a landing page on a website.
  25. Working around a Facebook ad disapproval both for individual ads and entire pages.
  26. Overcoming a Google AdWords website suspension and account suspension.
  27. Using LinkedIn to send targeted messages to thousands of people in your area of expertise for advice and then acting on that advice.
  28. Simple steps to ranking high on search terms related to what you do with minimal investment.
  29. Places you should try promoting your business to get more sales.
  30. Ways you can obtain and benefit from global clients with your existing online business.
  31. Keys to building a Facebook page with over a million fans for under $5,000.
  32. Creating a digital media marketing plan that is simple to execute.
  33. How to build the largest Facebook page in the world.

To work with us, our options are simple.  $99.99 per email response and $99.99 per 10 minute conversation on Skype or Google hangouts.  Book as many emails or 10 minute blocks as you wish below by updating the quantity after clicking buy now.

Personalized Individual Email Response
  • $99.99 per email.
  • Send us one complete email.
  • coaching@banwork.com.
  • Complete response within two weeks guaranteed.
  • Buy multiple emails to start a conversation.
  • Ask exactly what you want quickly.

Focused Online Hangout Coaching Session
  • $99.99 for every 10 minutes.
  • Emailing bullet points prior is recommended.
  • coaching@banwork.com.
  • Appointment will be made upon purchase.
  • Buy multiple 10 minute sessions for a longer chat.
  • Screen sharing and examples optional upon request.

Monthly Coaching Retainer
  • Up to an hour online hangouts monthly.
  • Up to ten email responses monthly.
  • Priority appointments based on your schedule.
  • Individual team member email access available.
  • Individual team member phone calls available.
  • Recurring monthly payments of $999.99.