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  • oDesk: People working on  oDesk made 28 million dollars in the month of March 2012 alone.  Getting your first job is the hardest part about using  oDesk.
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Featured employment search websites:

1) Job.com: Our favorite resource for finding jobs online.  Strength: search without providing information, free to post and create a profile.  Negatives: some expired jobs, some areas devoid of postings, ads in the top of the search area.

2) HotResumes.com: Service featuring job recruiters which means odds are more in the favor of job seekers than other websites.  Strengths: Many high paying jobs listed recently on the site, easy to search for jobs by area but not by keyword, many recently posted jobs.  Weakness: job search feature not well suited to finding specific jobs.

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3) Execunet.com: Certainly a niche market, Execunet helps laid off and unhappy executives find jobs in other companies.  Strength: Jobs not posted on most other websites all higher paying.  Weakness: Not Applicable for much of the population.

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