List of Facebook Marketing Experts and Gurus

Not surprisingly, the Facebook graph search feature is actually awful at finding Facebook marketing experts and gurus.  Google is also far from ideal.  Perhaps this list can save you some of the trouble that we took to find other Facebook marketing experts. (Note that Jerry Banfield is used as a placeholder while we are building this list).
  1. Jerry Banfield
    Jerry Banfield Facebook  Jerry Banfield Google+  Jerry Banfield LinkedIn  BanWork University  How to Dropout
    Specialties: Built a system using Facebook ads to guarantee likes for new pages to grow, more than half a million Facebook likes on his company pages.

  2. Dave Kerpen
    Jerry Banfield Facebook  Jerry Banfield Google+  Jerry Banfield LinkedIn
    Specialties: Helps brands be more likeable on social media.

  3. Brian Moran
    Jerry Banfield Facebook  Jerry Banfield Google+  Jerry Banfield LinkedIn
    Specialties: Shows Facebook page owners how to get new fans and monetize the fans they do have.

  4. Mari Smith
    Jerry Banfield Facebook  Jerry Banfield Google+  Jerry Banfield LinkedIn
    Specialties:  Educating and inspiring businesses of all sizes to become truly social businesses.

  5. Amy Porterfield
    Jerry Banfield Facebook  Jerry Banfield Google+  Jerry Banfield LinkedIn
    Specialties: Helping small business owners get results from social media campaigns.

  6. Nick Unsworth
    Jerry Banfield Facebook  Jerry Banfield LinkedIn
    Specialties: Unique Generation X perspective plus 9 years of experience networking and building a clients with online & social media marketing training. 

  7. Ryan Lee
    Specialties: Effective generation of engagement and Facebook likes from a worldwide audience, growth of any type Facebook page to greater than 10,000 Facebook likes.

What exactly is a Facebook marketing expert or guru?
  • A person that has proved themselves to be highly effective at building large Facebook pages with engagement and/or successful in consistently Facebook to drive conversation and sales.
How can I build an image as a social media expert online?

Facebook has more than 1.11 billion users (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) which means it has the potential to reach more people on the planet than any other social media vehicle. It’s a great way to demonstrate your prowess as a social media expert. However, to get attention on Facebook, you have to lay the proper groundwork:

Step One: Build an Awesome Facebook Page. To be seen as a social media expert, you need to have a strong Facebook page. Most users have both a personal Facebook and company personas. The personal page is the right place to connect with friends and family. You can use your personal page to post information about your social activities, your kids, your hobbies, and other personal tidbits that you might want to share. Your personal page should make you look, well, like a person.

Your company page, on the other hand, is to build your business followers. You want to present your professional face. Post a company logo or banner. Create a catchy descriptor of yourself and your service. Be sure to link to external web sites, blog feeds, and other sources of content. Make it clear to visitors who you are and what you offer.

Step Two: Deliver the Content. Now that you have a destination for your Facebook fans, it’s time to give them content. Show your social media expertise by sharing cool links and videos, blog posts, articles, and other content that promotes your personal brand.

The trick is to offer content that is both informative and entertaining. You don’t want to just share cute cat videos, but a healthy mix of fun and relevant content will help you build a following.

We have mentioned George Takei in this blog before. Takei is the master of the personal Facebook brand. He uses a lot of humorous photos in his feed, most of which are contributed by his followers, and he injects posts about his latest project, a new book, or a personal cause. By balancing fun and professional content he does an outstanding job of branding himself using Facebook.

Step Three: Spread the Word. Now that you have staked out your Facebook territory it’s time to build a following. You want to attract enough followers to create geometric growth. Consider if you can get 20 people to each invite 100 contacts, who in turn invite their contacts, then your fan base will take off.  Start by looking at other channels you can tap to bring in Facebook Likes:

  • Social media – invite followers from LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, SlideShare – anywhere you have connections. Add a Facebook link to your email signature. And be sure to cross-link relevant content so you are tweeting about your Facebook posts and posting them to Google+.
  • Videos – If you post videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sites can generate traffic to your Facebook page.
  • Blogs – If you are blogging, use your blog posts as Facebook content and be sure your blog followers can link to your Facebook feed. You can easily link your blog to your Facebook page as an RSS feed.
  • Buy advertising – You can buy targeted advertising on Facebook to promote your page, or even use Google AdWords to promote your social media expertise.

These are just a few of the basics, but once you get started you can refine your social media program to build Facebook momentum. Once you build a strong following, you can work on converting follower to customers.