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Why Spend Hundreds of Hours and Thousands of Dollars Learning Facebook Ads?
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oCPM Facebook Ad Campaign SetupTWO oCPM Facebook Ad Campaign SetupsoCPM Facebook Ad Campaign Setup Monthly
  • We make ads for you in Facebook.
  • You choose every detail of the audience.
  • You pay Facebook to show the ads.
  • "General User" Facebook ad account permission required prior to creating ads.
  • Ads then uploaded within two weeks.
  • We make ads for you in Facebook.
  • You choose every detail of the audience.
  • You pay Facebook to show the ads.
  • "General User" Facebook ad account permission required prior to creating ads.
  • Ads then uploaded within two weeks.
  • We make ads for you in Facebook.
  • You choose every detail of the audience.
  • You pay Facebook to show the ads.
  • "General User" Facebook ad account permission required prior to creating ads.
  • Ads then uploaded within two weeks.
  • One time payment.
  • One time payment.
  • Save $100 versus ordering one campaign!
  • Monthly subscription.
  • Save $100/campaign.
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Seeing Is Believing!  These are Client Campaigns We Created!

  • Here's a US only fashion niche audience where the Facebook page owner saw a surge in sales as soon as our campaign went live.

  • This Australian fitness page wanted 100,000 likes by the end of 2013. They just broke 50,000 with this campaign on a $5/day budget.

  • How does $0.01 CPC sound? This UK sports car manufacturer thought it sounded pretty good!

  • Still, $0.00 cost per like is even better!

  • We make the campaigns according to what you need and get you the lowest CPC.

Share Our CEO Jerry Banfield's Vision for the Future of Online Work.


Why do you provide Facebook page promotion services?
We want a world where everyone can participate. This includes a world where everyone can be a part of the workforce and where everyone can work on their terms instead of an employer's. Most of the world's talented workforce goes unnoticed, and underemployed. We provide our Facebook advertising services as the first step to building a world where talent and hard work are appreciated regardless of your location, experience, race, gender, religion, friends, family, and appearance. We offer these services as a launching point to building a work platform that makes our vision a reality. For any work platform to be great, it must have a strong online advertising engine to promote viral growth. Our Facebook advertising services are allowing us to both give people work and bootstrap our company to a position where we can spend the millions of dollars needed to both build and promote a work platform that makes those existing seem as outdated as the original search engines were before Google came along. We offer these services to give you a chance to contribute to our mission while getting real people driven with Facebook ads to support your own growth.

Why should I build my Facebook page?
Reputation online now is founded in what kind of image you present to the world with your Facebook page and your website. Having a huge fan base that consistently interacts with your posts can give you opportunities such as new business deals, speaking opportunities, higher valuation for your company, more clients, bigger clients, better rankings in search results, and much more! Growing your Facebook page is one of the most simple actions you can take that can have an outstanding long-term impact on your online reputation.

Why should I build my Facebook page with you instead of doing my own Facebook ads?
Using the Facebook ads interface on your own is comparable in difficulty to driving a car. You can take the time to learn all of the basics yourself and then try to go places. If you just need to go across the street, you might be fine with this approach. If you want to do interstate travel, race cars, and feel the excitement of what is possible, you could spend thousands of hours to increase your driving skill to that level or you could just jump in the car with someone that already has those skills. When you jump in the car with us, you can be confident our thousands of hours of experience are driving you to where you want to go with no time or money wasted. You pay us to take you to where you want to go and you are just along for the ride. Learning the Facebook advertising interface is simply an awful experience even for a math genius. If you place a high value on your time and energy, would you rather spend it learning Facebook ads or doing what you love while we handle what we love?

Why should I build my Facebook page with you instead of hiring another company?
We are working to make a world where everyone can participate. Everything we do is aimed at building a work platform where anyone in the world regardless of their location, education, race, class, gender, ethnicity, language, or religion can offer their talents and be rewarded for it instantly. We offer our Facebook advertising services as the first step towards making our vision of an online work platform where everyone can participate as a reality. We do this because to make the world's best work platform, everyone will need to know about it. Building a world class online advertising agency gives us the opportunity to both bootstrap our way to making our vision a reality and to let everyone know about it once it exists. Out of the thousands of other companies providing help with growing a Facebook page, how many have you found that are working towards something bigger than making a profit? People that think everyone has a right to participate in life and work choose to do have us promote their Facebook page.

Can you please explain your "optimized campaign setup" package a little further please? How many ads to you set up? Do you split test the ads? Do you monitor the ads for any time period to improve them? What exactly do we get before you consider the job to be complete and we are left to continue running it on our own?
Most of our campaigns contain between fifty and a thousand ads. The ads are all split tested against each other in that we choose slight variations on pictures, text, and audience in each campaign. This allows both more effective ads and learning what each type of audience responds most effectively to. Our optimized campaign setup comes with one month of monitoring and edits for performance with the intent that you can indefinitely run the campaign as is after we have it running at peak performance. The majority of our campaigns run well without more than minor edits and pausing a few ads. After one month, our work with that campaign is concluded and we recommend setting up additional campaigns as needed thereafter rather t
han editing the campaign we made originally.

I have a website that I want to send traffic to and I have been sending everyone to my Facebook page so far. What is the best way for me to do this?
If you want people to visit your website, you should send them directly to your website when they click on your ad instead of to your Facebook page. Otherwise, you are simply hoping they visit your website after seeing your Facebook page. Statistically, only 1% to 5% of people will actually visit your website after clicking on your Facebook page. While it can cost a bit more to send people straight to your website, you can get 10 to 50 visitors to your website if you land ads directly on your website for every one you will get by landing on your Facebook page. For running ads which land directly on your website, it is important to have an optimized campaign setup which can save you as much as 75% per click.

Where is your company located?
Visit our Google+ page at https://plus.google.com/104151647657242281108/about to see our address.

What are you building your company larger for? What is your ultimate goal?
Our ultimate vision is to make it easier for people to be a contributing member of society. We see this possible by creating an online work platform which will allow anyone to work by sitting at their computer and quickly doing work. The current platforms such as elance.com and odesk.com are painfully simplistic and limited in their abilities for providing access to work. It is nearly as difficult as dating to get work done on these platforms and our vision is to make it easier.

Where can I read original blog posts you have created about Facebook advertising, online ads, and social media marketing?
Our blog is available at http://www.bigclickblog.com on blogger and should give you confidence we are the real deal when it comes to getting exceptional Facebook advertising results.

How big is your company's Facebook page and how many clients do you have?
We have over 150,000 likes on our new company Facebook page at http://facebook.com/ibanwork. We have hundreds of clients in more than 25 countries and more than half of the US states.

Can I get 1,000 US likes every day for only $1 with an optimized Facebook ad campaign setup?
The largest pages in the world have the majority of their likes from a worldwide audience. What's better is that the global audiences tend to engage much better than that of an audience from developed countries due to the competition for attention in the newsfeed. Thus, you can get 100,000 likes quickly for $10/day targeting a worldwide audience but not a US only audience. We can get your likes to the lowest CPC possible in a US audience but the costs will still be 10 to 20 times higher than the same results globally.

Do you create the ads in my account?
Yes, we create the ads in your account as a "general user".

Can I change the daily budget for my ads?
You can change the daily budget at any time.

How many ads will you create?
Most of our campaigns have 20 to 100 ads.

I need US likes but what do you suggest? Take worldwide or US only? Or send me the list of countries where do you think that my ads will up.
Targeting a global audience first to build size works best and then including US in the countries targeted can help you get low cost likes in the US.

I need likes from English speaking only! Is it possible?
Facebook allows for language targeting and I always use this option. While everyone may not speak English as their first language, Facebook only shows ads to people that told Facebook they spoke English.

Our visitors are older then 18 years old generally but what do you suggest for an audience for the ads?
Usually targeting all ages works best for getting the most likes.

Can you guarantee that I get about 1500 likes per $1?
1,500 likes per dollar is one of the records for one campaign out of many. The case studies posted show average results which range from 50 to 250+ likes per dollar.

What I need to after payment?
After the payment, you will need to add us as a "general user" to your Facebook ads account and as a "advertiser" to your Facebook page. You will receive instructions for how to do this after ordering.