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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: What experience will I have working with your company?
Answer: We believe you are important, you deserve respect, and your success will ensure our success.  Everything must be win - win.  You must receive value from us so that you will keep coming back for more and tell your friends!  Here are the questions we ask in determining whether we are a good fit for you: Do you value your time? Your business? Your image online? Getting what you need quickly? Receiving human customer service? Seeing the best return on your investment? Discovering new methods of growing your business or cause?  Working with a smart and efficient company that adapts to meet your needs?  Then you are in the right place!

Question: How do you get Facebook likes to your page and to mine?
Answer: We use Facebook advertising campaigns to promote your page!  You can receive a report each week that shows exactly where all of your likes came from!

Question: Why do you charge by likes instead of by click?
Answer: Most of our customers prefer to pay for results rather than leads and Facebook advertising allows us to run campaigns optimized specifically by people liking the page!  Thus, we only stop promoting your page when we have reached your selected goal of likes.  We started by offering a "managed Facebook advertising campaign" but no one knew what that meant or wanted to buy one.  Thus, we charge by the amount of likes we can get you with Facebook advertising because everyone understands this!

Question: How many Facebook likes do you have for your own page?
Answer: This is the first question you should always ask any time you do business with anyone claiming to be a social media expert or helping you grow your Facebook.  We have over 5777,000 Facebook likes on our page as of 06/12/2013 and our posts get a high level of engagement!  See our page here.

Question: Can I get local or specific types of people on my Facebook page?
Answer: Yes but ONLY if you submit your information using the form below or email us at facebook@banwork.com.  Our basic packages above are low cost so that you can get more people on your page without spending a fortune.  All of the people liking your page see an ad for your page and add value to your page's ranking in search results.  Thus, you can have confidence everyone liking your page is a real person highly selected to connect with your page and we can give you reports to show exactly how everyone found you!  We generally try to match likes to your country but this is not guaranteed unless you request a custom quote.

Question: What methods of payment do you accept?
Answer: Almost all!  Our default subscriptions are with PayPal since most people pay with PayPal.  Submit our quick request form at the bottom of the page if you would prefer to subscribe using Amazon payments or want to pay any other way including Google wallet, credit cards over the phone, invoices via email, and money orders.

Question: How do I tell the difference between the likes you sent and the likes I generate myself?
Answer: Using your insights tab on your Facebook page's admin panel, you can see where all of your likes come from.  Our likes will be noted by a large spike in both page reach and in your likes during the days we are adding likes to your page after you have placed your order.  When your campaign is complete, you can request the actual reports we receive from Facebook's advertising center to account for all of the likes we added to your page!

Question: Is buying Facebook likes against the Facebook terms of service for pages?
Answer: The ONLY approved method of paying for Facebook likes for your page is through Facebook advertising which you can do by using Facebook's self serve interface or by purchasing from us to save you the time, hassle, and expense of learning Facebook's intricate system.  Using any other method is absolutely against Facebook's Terms of Service and any website that tells you differently is attempting to scam you!  Our company has grown by providing a smart solution you cannot find anywhere else that is 100% within the Facebook terms of service because we employ optimized Facebook advertising to bring new people to your page.  You can verify that we added likes to your page using the same paid advertising that makes Facebook the majority of its revenue by checking your insights page and seeing how many people were reached via paid traffic.  Read more in Facebook's help center.

Question: Are you affiliated with Facebook?
Answer: While we have a company Facebook page and a Facebook advertising account, we are not an affiliate or partner with Facebook at this time.

Question: How many likes can I order per page?
Answer: As many as you need!  No matter how many likes you order, we will deliver!  Request a custom quote or use your self service options above.

Question: Can I split my orders between pages?
Answer: Sometimes.  As each campaign requires a unique setup on our end, one time orders of 2,500 likes and greater can request to have multiple campaigns run.  Weekly orders for $299 per week and up can also request more than one page.  Still, this is a request that may not always be granted and we recommend selecting a campaign based only upon getting likes to one page.  Submit our request form below and include every page you want your likes sent to.

Question: Where can I find out more about your company and contact you?
Answer: Please see our about us and contact pages.