After you start a Facebook page, how in the hell do you get people to like it?
How do you do it without spending thousands of hours and dollars and without getting banned, in trouble with Facebook, or looking like an idiot?
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First, you should have a plan from the beginning for how you will get people to like your page.  There are millions of Facebook pages struggling to get people to like them that share great content, make people laugh, and do all of the other right things.  The fact is that people’s attention on Facebook is highly competitive and simply hoping for the best when creating a page is no better than doing the same in any other part of life.  Build it and they will not simply come unless you have established a strong following in other areas already.  For example, build the iPhone 6 and tell them a release date and they will come!  Build the 501st Facebook page about Barack Obama or your new business and they more than likely will not come.

Thus, start with a plan for how you will get people to your page.  Either have actions you will take yourself or that someone else will do for you.  You could decide to setup a Facebook advertising campaign on your own, tell your friends and family via a Facebook message followed by an invite, and email your colleagues on LinkedIn.   9 times out of 10, a plan like this will accomplish a few likes and nothing more.  Many people are happy with these results and prefer to share with a few friends rather than sharing with people they do not know.  Given that you probably searched for these terms and are reading this to learn how to do better than this, here are more ways to get more people on your page.

The second solution is to find a partner that can help you get more of the right people to like your page.  This could be anything from getting a friend to post your page on their page and invite their friends to getting your own TV ads like one page did here in Sarasota.  In picking a partner, you want to decide on your objectives upfront.  If you are going for high quality likes from interested people that will like your posts, shop at your store, and buy your products, offering something of value such as time, energy, or feedback on other established Facebook pages might be your best route.  In working like this, you would maximize your chances to get people that you already know are interested in similar pages to check yours out.  This is a high quality and high commitment approach that takes a lot of time to do correctly.  These strategies are most often successfully employed by teenagers that have a lot of free time and are highly active on social media.  Still, business professionals with jobs and working mothers have also applied these strategies with success.   That said, this approach often is not ideal for people that are in the habit of spending money to grow their influence or that have a limited amount of time. 

Have money to spend and/or are short on time and want to grow your new Facebook page without running the grueling gauntlet of manually getting all of your new likes?  There are smart companies and Facebook ads that can help with that.  Read more.

Growing Your Facebook Page After You Start It with Facebook Advertising Campaign Sample
How to grow your Facebook page after you start it

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