Why do you provide Facebook page promotion services?
We want a world where everyone can participate. This includes a world where everyone can be a part of the workforce and where everyone can work on their terms instead of an employer's. Most of the world's talented workforce goes unnoticed, and underemployed. We provide our Facebook advertising services as the first step to building a world where talent and hard work are appreciated regardless of your location, experience, race, gender, religion, friends, family, and appearance. We offer these services as a launching point to building a work platform that makes our vision a reality. For any work platform to be great, it must have a strong online advertising engine to promote viral growth. Our Facebook advertising services are allowing us to both give people work and bootstrap our company to a position where we can spend the millions of dollars needed to both build and promote a work platform that makes those existing seem as outdated as the original search engines were before Google came along. We offer these services to give you a chance to contribute to our mission while getting real people driven with Facebook ads to support your own growth.

Why should I build my Facebook page?
Reputation online now is founded in what kind of image you present to the world with your Facebook page and your website. Having a huge fan base that consistently interacts with your posts can give you opportunities such as new business deals, speaking opportunities, higher valuation for your company, more clients, bigger clients, better rankings in search results, and much more! Growing your Facebook page is one of the most simple actions you can take that can have an outstanding long-term impact on your online reputation.

Why should I build my Facebook page with you instead of doing my own Facebook ads?
Using the Facebook ads interface on your own is comparable in difficulty to driving a car. You can take the time to learn all of the basics yourself and then try to go places. If you just need to go across the street, you might be fine with this approach. If you want to do interstate travel, race cars, and feel the excitement of what is possible, you could spend thousands of hours to increase your driving skill to that level or you could just jump in the car with someone that already has those skills. When you jump in the car with us, you can be confident our thousands of hours of experience are driving you to where you want to go with no time or money wasted. You pay us to take you to where you want to go and you are just along for the ride. Learning the Facebook advertising interface is simply an awful experience even for a math genius. If you place a high value on your time and energy, would you rather spend it learning Facebook ads or doing what you love while we handle what we love?

Why should I build my Facebook page with you instead of hiring another company?
We are working to make a world where everyone can participate. Everything we do is aimed at building a work platform where anyone in the world regardless of their location, education, race, class, gender, ethnicity, language, or religion can offer their talents and be rewarded for it instantly. We offer our Facebook advertising services as the first step towards making our vision of an online work platform where everyone can participate as a reality. We do this because to make the world's best work platform, everyone will need to know about it. Building a world class online advertising agency gives us the opportunity to both bootstrap our way to making our vision a reality and to let everyone know about it once it exists. Out of the thousands of other companies providing help with growing a Facebook page, how many have you found that are working towards something bigger than making a profit? People that think everyone has a right to participate in life and work choose to do have us promote their Facebook page. It does not hurt that we also were the first service to use Facebook ads to guarantee results.

What method do you use to generate the likes I am guaranteed?
We build Facebook ad campaigns using the Facebook ad manager. Out of what you pay us, we pay Facebook to show your ads and pay our staff to make the ads. All of our ads are targeted to people matching the interests you have listed on your page and in places that are most likely to engage with your page. This often means much different targeting that Facebook offers by default and generally results in an international audience from many countries. As Pitbull will tell you, being known worldwide is an amazing experience and one that we give you the chance to get started with on all of our campaigns.

How much engagement can I expect out of the likes I get?
Our fans tend to engage at three to ten times higher per capita versus the fans most advertisers get with Facebook. We are able to achieve this by finding you fans that have less competition for the organic content in their newsfeed. This means each of your posts are more likely to go viral and get shared without having to pay Facebook additional money to "boost post". Naturally how much engagement you get is based on the content you post. Pictures related to what you do with text that is emotional tend to get the highest engagement. Promotional messages with links to websites tend to get the worst engagement. Since we connect you with real people using Facebook ads, how they respond is very sensitive to what you give them to engage with.

How are you able to guarantee likes out of ads when Facebook does not?
Systems and software are based on assumptions. Facebook assumes you only want people next door to you to like your page and assumes you only are interested in paying them money rather than getting a return out of it. We have built a system using Facebook ads that is based on the assumption that you want to get a fixed result out of what you spend with Facebook and that you are open minded enough to appreciate the value of having an international audience that is enthusiastic about your page. We have spent thousands of hours refining this system and can apply it to your Facebook page so precisely that we can guarantee what you will get out of your ad budget!

I have very specific questions about online advertising and social media marketing I would like answered by an expert.
We offer question and answer emails in our coaching section of this website which people absolutely love along with Skype and Google+ hangout sessions. We are available to help you on a pay as you go basis and we have an actual email response posted to give you an idea of what kind of help we offer. Our customer satisfaction with our email response service is the highest of any of our services and the place we recommend beginning your relationship with us! Read more here.

What do you do at
We help you build your reputation on Facebook and YouTube using the paid advertising solutions offered by Facebook and Google. We do this by creating and managing Facebook display and newsfeed advertisements as well as Google AdWords campaigns to ensure you are getting fans and views verified by Facebook and Google. Our knowledge is distributed almost entirely for free via our blog, YouTube channel, and our Google+ page. We offer services for people that have more money than time and that have the highest ambitions for growth. The coaching options we offer allow you to speed up your learning process by asking exactly what you need to know!

Where can I watch videos you have made explaining more about what you do and maybe something that will make me laugh?
Check out our founder's YouTube channel here.

Where can I read original blog posts you have created about Facebook advertising, online ads, and social media marketing?
Our blog is available here on blogger and should give you confidence we are the real deal when it comes to getting exceptional Facebook advertising results.

I want to see case studies showing what you have already done. Where can I find them?
Visit our case studies page for a small snapshot of what we have done and what we can do here.

How do you get my page more organic Facebook likes using Facebook display ads and sponsored stories?
We create ads that show in Facebook for your page targeted to people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

How can you do ten times better than me at getting more Facebook likes out of my same budget?
Our team collectively possesses thousands of hours of experience in creating and managing Facebook advertisements. We learned the best ways to get better results out of Facebook ads and this means that we can get more likes than the majority of advertisers doing their own Facebook ads. Our ten times figure is an average complied from our customer data when comparing their performance before we managed their ads versus after. This means for some we did two or three times better than they did on their own and for others we did hundreds of times better.

What is the single biggest difference in how you are more effective versus the majority of advertisers on Facebook?
Most advertisers do the same thing which means they pay top dollar for disappointing results. We start with an open minded approach and let the data tell us where the best opportunities lie. For example, the majority of advertisers focus on a US only market whereas the majority of Facebook users are not in the US.

What kind of likes will I be getting?
With our optimized campaign setups, you can target exactly the type of person you want to like your page. With our guaranteed likes verified with Facebook advertising campaigns, you will get likes from people mostly new to Facebook that have some of the highest engagement levels on Facebook for brand pages mainly because they do not have as many pages they have liked yet. Your content will be very likely to appear in their newsfeed and they often will like, comment, and share with your posts. We show thousands of ads for your Facebook page to this audience and usually around 1 out of 100 people will like your page.

I want a targeted optimized Facebook advertising campaign that eliminates the need for me to create my own ads and helps me save money on each cost per click. How can I start?
About half of our clients have us create their Facebook ads for them in their account in order to get them better results, save hours of wasted effort in trying to learn Facebook ads, and save thousands of dollars while getting more likes out of their daily budget. Our optimized campaign setup is $399.99 per campaign and includes between 100 to 1,000 different ads which are split tested by audience types and specific targeting attributes you request. Click here to order now.

Can you please explain your "optimized campaign setup" package a little further please? How many ads to you set up? Do you split test the ads? Do you monitor the ads for any time period to improve them? What exactly do we get before you consider the job to be complete and we are left to continue running it on our own?
Most of our campaigns contain between a hundred and a thousand ads. The ads are all split tested against each other in that we choose slight variations on pictures, text, and audience in each campaign. This allows both more effective ads and learning what each type of audience responds most effectively to. Our optimized campaign setup comes with one month of monitoring and edits for performance with the intent that you can indefinitely run the campaign as is after we have it running at peak performance. The majority of our campaigns run well without more than minor edits and pausing a few ads. After one month, our work with that campaign is concluded and we recommend setting up additional campaigns as needed thereafter rather than editing the campaign we made originally.

I want to get at least ten thousand more Facebook likes for my page before I run an optimized campaign. How can I do that?
The simplest way is to click here to order 10,000 likes for $999.99 guaranteed for delivery within one month or get 5,000 likes for $599.99 within one month. If you want more, just change the "quantity" on the order page and you can get up to 100,000 likes at once.

How can I tell where my likes came from?
What our clients value most about our services is that we are the only company that offers the simple packaging people can understand delivered with the quality methods that are allowed by the Facebook terms of service. You can verify all of this simply in your page insights panel by checking your statistics for likes generated by “ads and sponsored stories”.

What do you recommend for new Facebook pages just getting started that want to be successful and can afford to spend money to help aid their growth?
As soon as you create a Facebook page, you should post content, get a professional cover photo, and get a custom URL such as Longer URLs are difficult to type in and are bad for search results. You should choose something short and to the point that you can tell people simply. Once you have done this, you should order a 10,000 Facebook like campaign from us for $999.99 to get your page a solid foundation of engaged users from Facebook ads. Finally, you should get one or two optimized Facebook ad campaign setups from us for $399.99 each to reach your target audience most effectively and build up your page with these campaigns. Want to buy the whole package and save? Save $300 when you buy the complete Facebook page advertising start up package for $1,499.97 by clicking here.

How can you help me rank higher on Facebook graph search results for my page?
The new Facebook graph search presents optimization opportunities that take a fraction of the same effort to achieve on Google. The best way to optimized your page for graph search is to get more organic Facebook page likes through Facebook ads. Learn how we can do this effectively for you by clicking here. See a list of Facebook graph search results for advertising agency places on the west coast in the USA for states that include California, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Montana, and more! See it here.

I already purchased a Facebook advertising campaign from you. What do I have to do in order for you to start my ads?
First, we must have the URL for your Facebook page in order to take the first step which is to like your page. If you did not submit your URL in either the PayPal checkout page or in the page following checkout, please email with your Facebook page URL as well as the campaign you ordered. Once we have liked your page, you will need to add the person running your ads for you as an “advertiser” in your Facebook page’s admin panel under “edit page info” and “admin roles”. This gives us the ability to create ads for you in Facebook.

Can I know what's the offer for 500,000+ Facebook likes in 2 months?
Our bulk rates are $999.99 for 10,000 likes. Thus, 50 payments would guarantee you 500,000 likes. However, the best way to get to 500,000 likes is to have us setup an optimized campaign or two that runs ads in your Facebook ad account. While you still have to pay Facebook to run the ads, you often can get likes for much less than 10 cents each as we have to in the campaigns we run in order to make a profit. If you want the best long term viral growth, one to five of our optimized campaign setups will make it happen!

How do you know its legit? By what I've seen on your insights page, your likes are all Indonesian which is a red flag that you are buying likes not advertising to get them?
The Facebook "likes" tab on the timeline only provides the top weekly location where people are engaging with the page. Many people mistake this statistic for having any relevance to the overall demographics of the Facebook page because they have seen pages buy fake likes that have changed for a week or two in this manner and then changed back to their normal place of activity. The only place you can see the insights for a page that shows where likes come from is by being an admin on the page and accessing the "insights" page. Do we have a lot of Indonesian users on our page? Yes. Ads there cost 10 to 100 times less than the US and provide engagement over 800 times of that in the US per dollar spent advertising. For building size, advertising in places where the ad costs are a fraction of the US prices gets both more engaged users and a lot more likes for a lot less. The first order of success for any page is size. People in the developed countries will not interact with a small page the way they will with a large page. What's better is that the largest pages in the world all have between 5% and 10% of their likes from US users and 90% to 95% of their likes from other countries. Note that we do much more than just worldwide ad campaigns. We build whatever people want in their Facebook page using Facebook ads with a high level of effectiveness.

How can Facebook likes from people outside the US help my page?
The first rule of standing out on Facebook is size. Smaller pages have a hard time getting more people to like their page. People in the US are especially unlikely to participate on a page they see in an advertisement if it is smaller. Why? Most people clicking on Facebook ads are not early adopters. For reference, an early adopter is someone that seeks experiences first and likes to remain ahead of the mainstream. Early adopters long ago stopped clicking on Facebook ads because they were some of the first to sign up for Facebook, some of the first click the ads and some of the first to get burnt out on the ads. Since most pages that are smaller are most likely to get likes from early adopters and early adopters do not click on Facebook ads or even use Facebook, smaller pages have an incredibly hard time growing unless they are using the best targeted marketing and are part of a hot trending topic. 95% of Facebook pages do not fall in this category. This means your small Facebook page with only a few hundred or a few thousand people on it will have an incredibly hard time growing higher as you fight against the grain. The most effective strategy is to focus simply on size and engagement first before building a targeted audience. Why? A targeted audience is often ten to a hundred times more expensive and unlikely to like your page if it is small. Once you break 10,000 likes, 25,000 likes, or 100,000 likes, depending on your type of page, your ads will start to have much better success. Thus, the starting point is with the cheapest audience possible that is full of early adopters. This audience is easy to access when you start looking outside the US.

Do you accept anything besides PayPal?
In addition to PayPal, we take Google wallet, Amazon payments, checks, and money orders! Google wallet is easiest to invoice with. If you want to use a different payment method, the easiest way is to email us at

What differentiates you from companies such as Likeable that manage social media for businesses?
We only manage the growth of your page whereas companies such as Likeable in New York manage your entire social media presence which often includes creating content, comment moderation, and posting updates. Most of our clients enjoy posting their own content and we believe that posting your own content is the best way to connect with your audience. Additionally, while companies managing social media accounts can be proficient with Facebook advertisements, we are the resource for them when it comes to training and learning the best techniques for success in managing ads.

What differentiates you from websites such as rocketlikes, getlikes, and fiverr? Are they a scam?
Every website we have found offering to "get guaranteed Facebook likes from real people" is a scam because they do not do what they are offering to do. What sites such as fiverr, getlikes, and rocketlikes do instead of getting you real people is to get you bots or incentive based likes which are against the Facebook terms of service. Read it here. While our sales packaging makes use of the simple approach of quantifying results, the methods we use from any other website offering guaranteed likes from “real” people are what make our services both much more expensive and exponentially more valuable. There are hundreds of sellers on fiverr offering to build your likes up that employ bots, incentive based likes, and other methods of generating likes for your page. All of these methods violate the Facebook terms of service and will get your page banned, sanctioned, prevented from getting additional likes, or a combination of other punishments. Buying Facebook likes from anyone is not allowed in any way. What we offer are prepackaged Facebook advertising campaigns with a guaranteed result. This means you are not actually buying the likes from us when you order a 5,000 like campaign but rather you are buying the delivery of 500,000+ advertisements on Facebook. How can you tell the difference between the two methods? Any website we have found besides us will get you likes in a way besides “ads and sponsored stories” in the admin panel. Regardless of the wording of their website, none of these services are allowed by the Facebook pages ToS. Likes we drive to your page from optimized ad campaigns show as “ads and sponsored stories” since we ran ads in Facebook to get you these likes and this is both allowed and encouraged by Facebook since this is how they make the majority of their money.

I have a website that I want to send traffic to and I have been sending everyone to my Facebook page so far. What is the best way for me to do this?
If you want people to visit your website, you should send them directly to your website when they click on your ad instead of to your Facebook page. Otherwise, you are simply hoping they visit your website after seeing your Facebook page. Statistically, only 1% to 5% of people will actually visit your website after clicking on your Facebook page. While it can cost a bit more to send people straight to your website, you can get 10 to 50 visitors to your website if you land ads directly on your website for every one you will get by landing on your Facebook page. For running ads which land directly on your website, it is important to have an optimized campaign setup which can save you as much as 75% per click. Get one for $399.99 with 100 to 500 different ads that go straight to your website by clicking here.

Do you offer subscriptions where I can pay you every month to run my Facebook advertisements for me and get my Facebook page more likes?
Yes we do! You can get 1,000 likes per day, week, or month with a subscription. We will handle your ads completely in the background automatically through Facebook and that you will be able to confirm in your "page insights tab" that we are running ads for you to generate your likes. The first week or two will generally be slow as we get your ads started so do not be surprised if it takes a week or more to start seeing new likes. Once they start coming in, they will keep rolling in thereafter forever until you cancel. We automatically choose the best targeting demographics for your page and under no circumstances do we modify the campaign demographics on a subscription plan while still guaranteeing 1,000 likes in the time period you requested. You and we both have the right to cancel your subscription at any time and we cancel subscriptions whenever a customer is not a positive experience for us. Click an option to choose your frequency of likes: 1,000 Facebook likes per day, 1,000 Facebook likes per week, or 1,000 Facebook likes per month.

Do you offer monthly packages in which you help to track traffic and help to get sales? Something sales oriented and brand building for the future in terms of managing my Facebook ad campaigns so I do not have to do it myself?
We have two monthly subscription options for managing Facebook ads. For $199.99/month we will monitor all the existing campaigns you have to ensure they run efficiently and manage your budget between all campaigns you have running to ensure you are spending your money most effectively. We also have a $399.99 per month plan where we setup one new campaign for you in addition to the service offered in the first campaign. These plans are for a maximum of 10 active campaigns per account per month. Start by clicking the option you want: $199.99/month management only or $399.99/month management plus new campaign.

I emailed you several times yet and I have not got a response. What gives?
Please note that we only check emails once or twice per day and usually not at all on weekends. This is a strict company productivity policy that ensures anyone emailing us puts careful thought into each message and allows us to do the same in return. Checking emails all day every day is one of the largest productivity wastes that companies experience. Since our team members have flexible schedules, we check our email most often in the late morning and late afternoon but this will consistently vary. We will respond to your email as soon as we can and aim to give you complete information when we do!

What else do you do?
A small percentage of our business consists of creating mobile, smartphone, and tablet advertising campaigns for clients. We setup the campaign for you and you choose your budget for spending with the mobile ad platform where the ads will run. Our setup is $499.99 and you can run future campaigns without paying an additional setup fee regardless of your budget. To request a mobile ad campaign, please email with your total budget and the desired results you are looking for. We recommend a minimum of $1,000 to run a mobile ad campaign and this should get you a minimum of 5,000 clicks from your local or national targeted audience.

I want to get more sales for my book, more clients for my law firm, or win a contest on Facebook. How can you help with this?
Our recommended formula for businesses needing clients or sales to send people straight to your website using an optimized campaign setup. Click here to order one for $399.99. If you want to win a contest on Facebook, order the amount of likes you need in increments of 5,000 for $599.99. We can speed up delivery as needed to ensure your page grows fast enough for the contest. As long as your contest rules do not prohibit the use of paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, you can count on our services to keep you operating within the contest rules. We will send you proof if required by your contest showing the advertisements we ran for you.

I have an internet marketing and advertising company that is growing but that I want to grow faster. How can you help?
Our research indicates that the most critical factor for gaining trust outside of your website is having a strong social media presence. Potential clients expect internet marketing and advertising companies to be successful at promoting themselves. Despite this expectation, most internet marketing and advertising companies take little time to build their online social presence up or they should their inability to deliver results by a lack of followers, fans, views, and engagement. If your internet marketing and advertising company cannot even promote itself, why would a potential client have faith you can promote them effectively? Even if this is not the reality for you in terms of your abilities or you operate in a completely separate area from Facebook such as Google AdWords, potential clients often check Facebook pages as a sign of trust. A Facebook page with less than 10,000 likes or with low engagement shows you are doing a poor job. A twitter account with few followers and lots of spammy tweets or a YouTube account with hardly any views gives the same impression. For $999.99, we can get you 10,000 or more likes for your Facebook page by running Facebook ads for you to people that will also engage with interesting content you post. When this gets you even one or two more conversions out of clients that would have said no otherwise, you will make this expense back many times. Click here to order now.

I can’t get anyone to like my Facebook page, I am frustrated, and I can only afford to start by spending a little over a $100. How can you help?
How would you feel with 1,000 more Facebook likes each week and higher engagement for your page? Click here to subscribe to our 1,000 Facebook likes per week plan for $179.99 each week.

What are the biggest benefits to having a bigger Facebook page?
When your Facebook page is larger, you have the best chance to get the highest quality likes for free from organic search results! Our clients often pop up in popular search terms just a few weeks after getting 5,000 or 10,000 likes from us. Facebook ranks pages in search results according to both engagement and likes as well as by your page’s title and about information. If you want to get the best likes a page can get from people searching for you, being found in search results is critical.

How can getting a lot of Facebook likes and having success getting my page noticed be a bad thing?
One of our clients got big enough in a few months as a result of our campaigns piling over 20,000 new likes on his page that he started making a big splash in search results. He had modeled his page after a similar Facebook page which was a large worldwide brand name. Once he began popping up directly below them in searches for their page, they told him to change his page name which he could not do because his page was so big. Facebook then removed this page within 24 hours without so much as a word to him or a change to change his page. The best thing our work did was to save him time and money. He found out the hard way that attention is both not that hard to get and can be a bad thing. Without having us speed up the process for him, he could have wasted months and a lot more money to end up in the same position. Our work saved him this time and money. It helped him fail faster which means he can start again faster and get to success faster. What we do will get you noticed and you should be prepared for what that may mean for you and your page!

How can you help me learn what you know about creating and managing Facebook advertising campaigns?
We offer both one hour training sessions delivered with GoToMeeting and a complete online course to get you up to our level of competency fast. For experienced advertisers, a one hour training session is a good point to start at when you have specific questions you want answered. Our training can help you speed up the learning process by ten or more hours while removing the frustration associated with learning on your own in the Facebook self-serve interface. Order an hour training now for $499.99 by clicking here and then email exactly what you want us to help you with to

What are the maximums that you can do in terms of likes?
We can build your page as large as you have money to spend since there are few practical limitations to Facebook ads for building pages under 20 million likes. You can order in increments of 10,000 likes for $999.99 as many times as you want. Simply change the order quantity to order 20,000 likes, 30,000 likes, 50,000 likes, or even 100,000 likes. You can order this as many times as you want. Click here to order.

For accounting purposes, could you send me an invoice for your Facebook advertising services?
Sure! The easiest way to get an invoice is to email us at with exactly which services you want to order and we will send you an invoice with PayPal or Google Wallet in response.

Where is your company located?
Visit our Google+ page at to see our address.

What is your privacy policy?
Any information you submit to us will be used only for the purpose of communicating with you about your order.

What are your terms and conditions?
We will always provide the service you order from us and make every opportunity for you to be happy with our work! We only offer subscription or pay as you go plans where either party can cancel at any time to ensure that we only maintain happy customers!