The video above shows how we were able to get Facebook likes for our page.  We share this with you in this Google on air hangout showing a campaign that got over 200,000 Facebook likes for under $700 in ad spend!

The most successful Facebook ad campaign was able to get Facebook likes for much less than one cent each.  

How to Get Facebook Likes

Here is one month of data from the Facebook ad campaign that got us the most likes for our Facebook page.

One month of getting Facebook likes

What's the secret to using Facebook ads and sponsored stories to buy Facebook likes for a fraction of a cent each?  Targeting the right audience!

Cost to buy a facebook like

Lower cost audiences allow you to get Facebook likes for a ridiculously low price!

Big picture of how to get facebook likes

Why should you use the Facebook advertising interface to get more Facebook likes for your page?
  1. People in the United States (USA), Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), and other developed countries where Facebook growth has slowed do not trust smaller Facebook pages.  The type of person that would join a small page that they found in an ad already stopped clicking on ads a long time ago.  You are only dealing with mainstream Facebook users in these countries and your page must be bigger to catch their attention.  Where your audience comes from prior to them seeing it does not matter as much as how big you are and how much engagement you have.
  2. Buying Facebook likes is NOT ALLOWED by the Facebook pages terms of service.  See for yourself here.  The only way to grow your page and pay for it is to use advertising.  No service online that is not guaranteeing to RUN FACEBOOK ADS for you in order to get you more likes for your page is violating the TOS.  Run ads for yourself or have us help you get better results with your ads in order to grow your page within the terms of service.
  3. Advertising to people in the countries listed above actually produces significantly higher engagement than advertising in the US, UK, CA, AU, or EU for many Facebook pages.  Why?  People in countries where Facebook is new and growing are much more likely to see your posts in their newsfeed.  People in the US and other countries listed are most likely to never see or interact with your page again after clicking like because they already liked too many different pages.  Be the first page someone likes instead of the 1,000th to get higher engagement.
  4. Facebook page owners building bigger pages are much less likely to give up on their Facebook page whereas most people buying Facebook likes, using their time only without spending money, or getting terrible results by using the default Facebook ads settings are likely to just quit trying to grow their pages before it reaches the possibility of success.  Most Facebook pages are a failure.  Make sure yours is not!
  5. Once you build a bigger and better page, unexpected positive opportunities tend to find you!  People requesting access to your audience, looking for advice, offering speaking opportunities, publishers offering book deals, bands getting bigger concert venues to book, attorneys having clients find them in Facebook graph search results, and people sharing your Facebook page with their friends are all more likely to happen with a page that gets over 10,000 Facebook likes using ads and sponsored stories.  Most of these opportunities are not available for smaller pages and pages that use scam websites to buy Facebook likes.  Get Facebook likes the honest way and you can have the best chance at building a successful page!

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