How to Guide for Building a Successful Facebook Page using Facebook Ads.
  1. Get at least 10,000 likes for your Facebook page with worldwide Facebook advertising campaigns targeted on interests and languages.  Order a one time campaign below to get it done all at once or subscribe to grow steadily over time.
  2. Once you break 10,000 likes, get an optimized campaign setup targeted to your perfect fan.  The optimized campaign setup will allow you to get clicks for the lowest cost and includes hundreds of times more ads than most do it yourself campaigns.

  • People on Facebook trust a larger page with more engagement and distrust a smaller page that is inactive, has fake fans, or bought likes.
  • The type of people that will participate on a new and small Facebook page will never click a Facebook ad.  These people are called “early adopters” and they already stopped clicking on Facebook ads a long time ago. 
  • This combination of who clicks on Facebook ads with what pages need more likes means large pages get more likes for almost nothing while small pages spend a fortune to add a few people.
  • How? Larger pages pick up more recommendations for free from their ideal audience, get more referrals and have more successful ads built on a better reputation.
  • Customers finding a website often check a brand’s Facebook page before buying. Seeing a neglected page can cost you the sale.  Seeing a larger page can get you a bigger order.
Optimized Facebook Ad Campaign Setup.
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1,000 Facebook Likes Every Week.
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  • Targeted on page interests.
  • Weekly subscription payment.
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5,000 Facebook Likes in One Month.
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