Should I run a contest on Facebook to get new likes?

Should I run a contest on Facebook to get new likes

The short answer is only if you have a plan that matches exactly with your business and your customer type.  For example, if you have a build a bear page and you are giving away a free build a bear experience where it costs you very little to implement the contest, then I would say go for it.  However, if you have a page for your small business, offering a build a bear experience that you have to pay for out of pocket, even at a discount, is probably the exact wrong approach.  Sure, you might be able to get more likes on the page than if you were not running the contest.

The question is whether you want people that are looking for a free build a bear experience will be valuable to your business in the future.  In some instances they may but in 95% of contests I have seen on over 1,000 Facebook pages, the contests had little direct relation to the bottom line of the Facebook page.  Many pages have tried giving away a free ipad only to find the people left their page when the contest was over and never bought anything.  They spent thousands to get new likes using Facebook ads, hundreds of hours talking about and sharing the contest and the several hundred dollars to buy the ipad to get a bottom line of no new business.

If this sounds like you, feel free to not feel bad because this is how the average Facebook page operates.  Contests have a gimmicky feel that rarely attract the right kinds of people to the page.  My cousin likes Walmart, Amazon, and many other pages because of contests they have ran on their Facebook ads.  Of course, you could argue that he is only thirteen and he might like these brands for the rest of his life.  I would say this could be true assuming Facebook is still comparable in twenty years to its current state today.  Given that is highly unlikely, likes from my cousin and his friends generally are a total loss.

For the same money and energy spent setting up a contest, a smart advertiser can generate traffic to your website and get you leads as well as sales on your products and services.  If your page is more about engagement than money, a smart advertiser can get you 10 or 20 times the engagement by directly promoting your posts to the people that should see them when compared to running a contest with do it yourself or in house Facebook ads.

In summary, if you want to know if you should run a contest on Facebook to get new likes, the answer is generally no.  Instead, find an advertiser that will get the right likes to your page for you and spend your valuable time doing whatever you do best be it engaging with your community, closing sales, or programming in the background.  People specialize for a reason and while many try their hand at marketing, good marketing is as difficult as any other science and just as frustrating.  Want to get more Facebook likes for your page and take the pain out of growth? delivered without any work on your part for a fixed price.

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