Join Our Team!

  - We are hiring a team of eight people to run this website!
  - All positions start at $100/week with opportunities for bonuses!
  - You can work where and when you want with us!
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Why is Joining Our Team the Best Long Term Career Opportunity in Sarasota for You?

 We are a start up company founded by a person that has a vision for making it easy for everyone in the world to work.  With us, you work for an idea instead of a boss.  You will feel like you are working for yourself and working for a greater purpose instead of just working for money!

 You start at $100/week with the opportunity to get automatic raises based on company performance, bonuses when the company has a great month, and opportunities to earn commission on any orders you generate.  The amount of money you make and the enjoyment you get out of your job are all directly related to how hard you work.

 Your work environment will be suited to however you work best.  If you like to work at home between midnight and four a.m., you can do that!  If you prefer to come into our office at the HuB and work on your laptop from noon until eight only on the weekends, you can do that too!  The only requirements are that the work you do contributes to what the team needs in building the company and that you attend one team meeting in person in Sarasota each week.  This means taking vacation, working while going to school, working with us while you already have your own full time job, and working as a single parent are all easy to do with us!

 When you apply, you will have the chance to show us what you can do rather than have us look at what you have done before as most employers do.  You choose what type of tasks you want to do and you complete them.  Your representation of who you are and what you are capable of in our performance tests and our application will tell us whether we should hire you. Note that our performance tests are designed for you to show us what you are best at.  Since most of us are not good at everything and do not enjoy doing many types of work, you should focus on the one performance test you think you will enjoy the most and be able to complete more effectively than others.  Once you have done one successfully, you are welcome to find another and complete it!

 You will feel like you are working for yourself since you will not have a direct supervisor and will work independently   Our team members are accountable to each other and our team is inspired by our founder, Jerry Banfield.  He will spend the first two weeks showing you how our business works, why it works that way, why it is worth your time, what kind of what needs to be done, and what the point of doing all this to begin with is.  Going forward, you will be responsible to the team for your performance.  The other team members will rely on you and everyone will be accountable to each other for doing good work.  While Jerry owns the company and has done the majority of work with building and maintaining this website to date, his vision is to create a team that is completely self sufficient.  In this environment, you are accountable to yourself for your work and your teammates.  While this is a liberating and free environment compared to working under the average boss, most self motivated people will never work harder than they do for themselves!

 The exact work you do will be based on what you are good at and what you feel like doing!  While you will be hired to fill a certain role, each position will have two team members that complete all of the responsibilities together.  The two team members can divide work up however they see fit and the work will continue to evolve as the company grows.  For example, the Webutation position will be responsible for maintaining the website, social media profiles, making blog posts, creating videos, creating graphics, and ranking us in search results.  The two team members in this area will manage outsourced work such as paid bloggers and divide up the work to be done between each other.  The bigger the company gets, the more everyone in each position from the original team will be responsible for leading other teams as opposed to doing the technical work.

 While our company is less than two years old and we are hiring our first employees now, we have established clients from around the world and a strong presence on social media.  Our company was founded to be different from the beginning the same as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook where.  You will gain experience with us in high demand areas of expertise and be a part of what we have created below!

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Requirements to Apply!

  You must be 18+ years of age with valid identification and be able to attend one meeting per week in person in Sarasota, Florida.

  You must successfully complete both the application and one or more performance tests discussed below.

  After completing the performance tests successfully and prior to hiring, you will meet with Jerry Banfield one on one for 15 to 30 minutes.

What Positions are You Hiring For?

  • We are hiring 2 people for each of the following positions for a total of eight new employees.
  • We are also accepting 2 unpaid interns for each position that will be the first chosen to step into a paid position when available.

 Advertisers. We are looking for two people that want to manage our Facebook ads for clients and explore additional online advertising opportunities in Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.  The advertiser should enjoy numbers, data, math, analysis, and marketing.  People in the advertiser position will also maintain customer relationships for existing clients.  The performance test for the advertiser involves building a new Facebook page about yourself or something you care about.  Those completing the advertiser task must be willing to invest a discretionary sum of money into Facebook ads and/or find a third party willing to pay for it on their behalf.  Our website and YouTube channel are loaded with information showing how to get a lot of fans for a low price using Facebook ad.  You will need to replicate this work with your own fan page.  In addition to helping you get hired with us, building this Facebook page will help you build your own strong social media presence.  Download the performance test by clicking here or view it with Google Docs by clicking here.  Submit the results this performance test and ask questions at

 Communicators. The two person communicator team will be responsible for handling the majority of company emails as well as generating leads, converting leads to sales, and maintaining customer relationships thereafter.  The communicator team should enjoy some of the following: email, phone conversations, outreach, people, and research.  The performance task for the communicator will creating a system for responding to the leads we receive.  Those that are the most successful in completing this task will actually test their system out on potential leads and find places where we are more likely to engage in conversation with interested people.  Download the performance test by clicking here or view it with Google Docs by clicking here.  Submit the results this performance test and ask questions at

 Harmonists.  This sounds like a musical position and it is in that the two people forming the harmonist team will be responsible for ensuring the team runs in harmony.  This will mean doing research, communicating actively with other team members, taking on additional work from other positions in times of need, and finding areas of emerging opportunities for the future.  While many companies call these positions management and leadership, we call this position a harmonist because they have an equal position with the rest of the team and are respected for their willingness to do any of the work other team members need.  The performance task for this position is the most challenging in our opinion because it requires analyzing our company's history and finding opportunities for the future.  You will be given several objectives to learn about and ranked based on how many you are able to complete as well as the depth of completion at each objective.  People that enjoy the big picture, online research, and want to groom themselves for positions of leadership in technology while enjoy stepping up to the plate for the harmonist position. Download the performance test by clicking here or view it with Google Docs by clicking here.  Submit the results this performance test and ask questions at

 Webutationist.  These two team members will be collectively responsible for maintaining our strong online presence and work closely with both the communicators on lead generation and the advertisers on executing strategies that get our content and brand known among Facebook page owners.  The webutationist is the manager of our online reputation via blog posting, web design, graphic design, video creation, and forum posting.  This position can leverage the haronmists to help out with intensive tasks such as establishing a strong forum profile or to provide ideas for areas to invest time and energy in.  The webutationist performance task involves providing us with the most content that we can use in the form of blog posts, videos, graphics, and anything else similar.  We will provide a list of topics and those that do the most original work we can use will rank the highest on this performance task.  Download the performance test by clicking here or view it with Google Docs by clicking here.  Submit the results this performance test and ask questions at

Application Process!

  Complete the application here and choose to take one or more performance tests by position above.  Note that our performance tests are intended to be a representation of who you are and the best work you can do.  Given that most of us are only good at a few things, we recommend doing the performance test you think you will enjoy the most and perhaps choosing one other after that.

  Download the PDF instructions for one or more of the performance tests above and submit your completed performance test before September 30, 2013.  Note that while some of these tests can be completed in a day with hard work, most will take a week or more to complete successfully.

  Those performing the best will be invited to meet with Jerry Banfield for an informal interview and have the chance to receive an offer thereafter.

What Else Should I Know?

 We are a start up company and therefore the work everyone does is critical to all of our success.  If you want a challenge, an opportunity to have a great career instead of a good one, to make your own hours, and to work for an idea instead of money, you will love working for us like you have never loved any job you have had before!  If you are interested in working for money, making a lot of money overnight, having an easy job, being a part of a company that does business the way everyone else does, having a safe job where you can kick back, or do not like working hard, you will figure out during each performance test that this company is not for you.  

 If you want to succeed with us, you will need to truly be an independent worker which can be difficult adjustment if you are used to working under intense supervision.  We plan to succeed by having two people at each position and having people not selected for employment have the opportunity to be an unpaid intern.  Unpaid interns will have the opportunity to attend our meetings and will not be able to do any work until we have a position available.  Unpaid interns will be the first chosen for paid positions and will quickly replace any employees that leave.  

 Any trust or honesty issues with our team will result in immediate removal from the hiring process and from the team once hired.  We are tolerant of many types of failure since our company has already survived many painful failures ranging from getting AdWords accounts suspended to having Facebook pages removed, and business journals taking shots at us.  We care about making great successes and understand failure is a given.  What we do not tolerate is integrity violations.  When problems occur, we expect full disclosure to fellow team members and maintaining an environment where people completely trust each other.

 If you cannot attend the majority of meetings in person in Sarasota, Florida each week, you cannot join our team now.  As we expand, we will have more distance opportunities available.

 If you do not complete a performance task, you cannot be hired.  Applications completed without a performance task to go with them are of no value.  Since we value your time, we encourage you to either complete both an application and a performance test or to complete neither.  Completing an application and a performance task does not guarantee that you will be hired.  Completing more than one performance task does not necessarily increase your chances of being hired.  Performance tasks are competitive and only those performing the best will be hired.  You will not be compensated for completing any performance task.  While some performance tasks will require spending some money to complete, you will not be reimbursed for this.  For example, the "advertiser" performance task requires building a Facebook page to the maximum size.  If you are not able to spend any money on Facebook ads, we recommend choosing a different position.  If you do a lot of work and submit a poor presentation to us showing how what you did is helpful to us, you might as well have not done the work in the first place.  The performance task is a representation of who you are, what kind of person you are capable of being, and should show all the best sides of you.

 Our hiring process is fair and is equal opportunity.  We evaluate everyone on the responses they complete online prior to any interview without regard to any personal characteristics.  We do not ask any questions about anything that is not directly related to doing work with us including any demographic questions.  The purpose of our one on one meetings will be to verify that you are a person of integrity and that is truly committed to being a part of our team.  We have clients from around the world and we hope the diversity our team members bring will help us service them more effectively!

 What do we actually do at BanWork?  Take a look around our website to see for yourself!

 What if I have questions about being hired or the performance tests?  Email or email the individual performance test email:,,,or  Note that we have an auto responder active on this email and will not respond to any question that is posted anywhere online for you to view.  For example, if you ask how much we charge for 10,000 Facebook likes, we will not answer this question since our website has this information.  If you ask what our founder's YouTube channel URL is, we will not answer this question either since it is linked all over our website.  That said, we understand we probably could improve on our hiring process, web design, and lots of other areas that may result in you asking us a question we did not cover and we will respond as soon as we can do these types of questions!

 How can I get you to make a hiring process like this for my company?  Email with a description of your goals for hiring, a link to your company's website, and your budget for having us create a hiring process for you.  Most of our projects will cost more than $25,000 to complete from the beginning of creating your hiring process to evaluating the results and will require full payment upfront.  If you do not have those kind of resources available, please let us know what you have and what you need.

 Can you make my social media profiles look as impressive as yours?  Absolutely!  Take a look around our website to see what we do and match that with what you need!

 Is the $100/week pay negotiable?  Only if you are willing to accept less!  We expect that the hiring of our team will contribute to rapid growth of our company which will correspond with continual increases in pay over time.